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Residential Roof Inspections

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home, have a leak, or suspect there might be a problem with your roof, we provide professional inspections that identify the issue at its source and a solution to fix the problem.



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Our manufacturer-certified roof inspectors walk the entire roof to identify and document its condition and performance. We place this documentation into a roof plan, which notes good and bad performance points and potential areas of concern.

From the roof plan, we generate a full report, which recommends corrective actions. The report can also provide estimates for any recommended repairs or replacements.

17 Point Inspection

This quick and straightforward inspection process will reveal your roof’s overall condition across 17 different points on your roofing system.

We inspect shingles, tiles, flashing, gutters, valleys, ventilation, and other system components for their condition and performance. We also generate a report that includes recommendations on repair or replacement and any actions you could take now to promote the longevity of your roof.

This inspection is usually done within 30 minutes, and a copy of the inspection report is left for your review.