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Residential Roof Warranty

True peace of mind comes with a manufacturer warranty, installation & workmanship warranty, and an industry-leading guarantee that covers the gaps between.





We build peace of mind into all of our work with the workmanship, materials, and installation warranties that cover all our work. Whether it’s a repair with a 1-year warranty or a new roof with 50 years of coverage, we offer warranties that are designed for your roofing system.

Warranty Types

Certified by the industry’s top manufacturers, we deliver roofing systems and repairs that last. We also lead the roofing industry in warranty coverage that ensures homeowners do not have to worry about why an issue occurred or who is to blame. We cover all the gaps and scale your warranty coverage to meet your budget and goals.

  • Materials

  • Installation

  • Workmanship

  • No-Blame/No-Fault


We cover our repairs and installations completely. Our team is manufacturer-certified, professionally trained, drug-tested, background-screened, and insured. We follow manufacturer installation procedures strictly and undergo continuing education and training in workmanship, installation, and repair techniques to ensure compliance and continuity of existing warranty coverage. We also stand behind our award-winning work with the industry’s best warranty program.

And if an issue is ever found, there won’t be a blame game for responsibility. That’s because Rudder Construction is a company that has been around long enough to back them up.

Roof Warranty FAQs

What happens if my manufacturer says my warranty claim is not covered due to installation?2022-11-28T12:19:49-06:00

You must contact your roofer to honor the warranty claim. If the claim covers damaged materials due to poor installation, you must also resolve additional material issues with them as well. Rest easy. Rudder Construction will help you navigate these issues.

Will using different materials void my warranty?2022-11-28T12:19:24-06:00

Yes. In most cases, manufacturers will void or fail to honor material warranty claims when a roofing system is not built with the exact components outlined by the manufacturer.

What is the difference between a manufacturer warranty and a roofer warranty?2022-11-28T12:18:38-06:00

A manufacturer warranty only covers the roofing materials and components used in each roofing project. A roofer warranty, on the other hand, usually covers the labor of the roof installation and repair.

If I get bids lower than what my insurance company paid, can I keep the difference?2022-11-22T18:55:16-06:00

It all depends on how you are paid. In rare cases, you could keep the difference. Here’s an example:

The insurance company paid you in full, less your deductible, and the amount you owe for the work performed was less than the insurance payment. This is extremely rare and may be because the work performed was less than what the insurance company paid for or expected would be done.

In almost all other cases, the answer is no, because of the way the insurance company makes the payments: ACV vs. RCV.

Can I request to get an upgrade on the materials being used?2022-11-22T18:55:16-06:00

That is always an option. But understand that any increase in grade or quality of materials that raises the price above what was comparable for the original roof will be your responsibility.

This is actually a great time to consider upgrades since the insurance company is going to absorb the bulk of the cost. If you suffer a subsequent covered loss on the new roof, you’ll be paid for what it takes to repair or replace that roof and its higher-grade materials. Sometimes a higher or better quality of roof can contribute to a lower premium for the same type of insurance coverage. Check with your insurance policy, agent, or insurance claim specialist for clarification.

Will I get the same quality as I have now?2022-11-22T18:55:16-06:00

Yes, unless you choose differently. Most insurance companies pay for “like kind and quality”. If you substitute with lower quality roofing components to “save money” you will void your warranty with most manufacturers.

Does the age of my roof matter?2022-11-22T18:55:16-06:00

No, the age of the roof will not determine whether you get a claim or not. The type of damage and if it is covered under your policy determines if your insurance provider will pay. The type of policy you have will determine the amount you are paid.

Will my insurance company pay for my roof to be replaced?2022-11-22T18:55:16-06:00

Yes, if the damage is a covered peril under your homeowners’ policy, such as an act of nature like wind or hail. It would also pay if repairs to the roof would not be feasible.

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